Some of the most interesting jobs are related to public administration. You can influence the course of the country, and be a force for good. However, it helps to be informed and to know what is happening in the world of public policy. The Internet makes this relatively easy to accomplish, since it is possible to find and follow a wide variety of people with good insights. Here are 50 great Twitter accounts for public administrators:

Political Figures

Following political figures can be a good way to get information on what is happening, and to learn about the merits of different policies as well. You can make all of this easier by visiting Tweet Congress or Politics Tweet to get even more.

  1. @BarackObama: You can’t beat following the President of the United States when it comes to learning about how a public administrator does things (and maybe even makes mistakes).
  2. @gopconference: Get the inside skinny on what’s going on with House Republicans. Great insight into policy from a GOP standpoint.
  3. @HouseDemocrats: Keep up with what is happening from the Democrat view. Policy and more from House politicians.
  4. @SarahPalinUSA: There is speculation that Sarah Palin is gearing up for a 2012 run. If you are interested in this end of politics and public administration, there is some interesting stuff.
  5. @SenatorReid: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tweets on public policy issues and shares information on policy and legislation.
  6. @Schwarzenegger: Follow the Governator on Twitter, and learn about what it’s like to be the public administrator over a state that has an economy as large as many countries.
  7. @SpeakerPelosi: Follow the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Insight on policy, legislation, and doing the people’s business.
  8. @SenJohnMcCain: Get interesting insights on government spending, and other aspects of public administration and policy.
  9. @Boxer_2010: Learn about the election aspects of public administration and policy. Barbara Boxer’s Twitter feed offers plenty of insight.
  10. @jasoninthehouse: Jason Chaffetz, the young representative from Utah, offers insight into public policy and administration.

Media Organizations and Traditional Journalists

Public administrators can learn a lot from media organizations about news, public opinion, and policy. Follow these media organizations and journalists that make an effort to keep up with issues related to public administration. You can find more at MediaOnTwitter.

  1. @PoliticalTicker: CNN offers news on policy and politics, and information that can help public administrators.
  2. @foxnews_pol: Fox news offers a Twitter feed that provides policy news and information.
  3. @msnbc_politics: Follows what’s happening with public administration and public policy, as well as what is going with the world of politics.
  4. @TheFix: Get information on public administration and policy from Washington Post journalist Chris Cillizza.
  5. @benpolitico: This reporter on has his finger on the pulse of U.S. public policy and administration.
  6. @markknoller: This CBS News White House correspondent goes wherever the President goes. He is also interesting and offers great insight on presidential history.
  7. @shiratoeplitz: A look at the inside of politics, campaigns and public administration.
  8. @romenesko: This media expert at the Poynter Institute offers insights into public opinion and helpful bits of policy and media news.
  9. @Pew_Internet: Follow the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life project to learn more about public policy, opinion and more.
  10. @nprnews: Keep up with the latest political news, and learn more about the way the public is administered.

Blog and Social Media

Many bloggers are plugged in to what is happening on the political and public policy front. If you are interested in getting different views of public administration, the following can be great sources of information.

  1. @Ctr4SocialMedia: Learn about the the impact of social media, and how it is used in the public sphere.
  2. @mises: Follow the Mises Institute, and learn more about public administration and policy.
  3. @thegovmonitor: Follow up on international government, and learn what is going on in the world of public administration — on a global scale.
  4. @rollcall: The news of Capitol Hill, and information on the people’s business.
  5. @dailykos: Get the latest public administration and policy news and information, from a liberal point of view.
  6. @Drudge_Report: Get an interesting look at public administration and policy, and what is going on in the world of politics, from Matt Drudge.
  7. @Wonkette: Great political commentary, as well as insight into political gossip and more.
  8. @HuffingtonPost: The latest information on public policy, politics, news and more.
  9. @RedState: Get political news and public policy commentary from a conservative point of view.
  10. @americablog: A fun, satiric look at what is going on in politics and public policy.
  11. @instapundit: Learn more about politics, public policy and public administration from this popular web site.
  12. @nmpgroup: Learn more about new media, social media, and public policy.

Public Policy Law

Follow those interested in public policy law, and consumer law. An interesting look at what is happening in the legal world of public policy.

  1. @SCOTUSOpinions: Get the latest news on the U.S. Supreme Court. Learn opinions and more from the premier legal body in the U.S.
  2. @citvox: A citizen’s voice blog, with a view toward law and policy.
  3. @lessig: Stay up to date on law and policy news, as well as consumer information.
  4. @concurringopin: Interesting commentary on public policy law and more from the Concurring Opinions blog.
  5. @atlblog: This is the Twitter account of the Above the Law blog. A great look at legal decisions and public policy.
  6. @judicialnetwork: Get the latest law news and information, including public policy law.
  7. @LyoLouisJacques: This international law professor at the University of Chicago is a great one to follow.
  8. @LawandLit: This law professor in Canada is interested in a number of interesting public policy and administration issues.
  9. @ScottGreenfield: Simple Justice blogger offers insight into criminal law and public policy.

Public Policy Projects

Follow these interesting public policy projects to stay on top of things in the world of public administration.

  1. @taxfoundation: Learn more about tax policy and administration from the Tax Foundation Twitter feed.
  2. @EconomicPolicy: Learn about economic policy and other issues from the Economic Policy Institute’s feed.
  3. @ULEnviroCom: A look at international environmental policy and sustainability.
  4. @KaiserFamFound: Keep up to date with health care policy and information.
  5. @NaomiStarkman: Expert on food policy, nutrition and food safety. A great one to follow on public administration issues related to food.
  6. @Ntl_Homeless: Learn more about homeless policy and public administration issues related to homelessness.
  7. @EducationSector: Looks at education policy and administration.
  8. @FDA_Drug_Info: Keep up with news and information from the FDA. Includes information on drug policy.
  9. @MarijuanaPolicy: An interesting look at drug administration and public policy.

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