One of the biggest challenges of our modern world is how to use urban spaces to their best advantage. Public administrators and civil engineers have their work cut out for them. Urban planning requires thoughtful decisions about how to use city space, and how to create cityscapes that serve people, as well as serve function. If you are interested in public administration, and learning more about urban planning, you can watch these 50 YouTube videos that address urban planning:

General Urban Planning

These are informative videos about urban planning and theory. These videos also include helpful examples from different cities around the world.

  1. Urban Planning: This is a short introductory video on urban planning.
  2. Urban Planners Careers Overview: If you are interested in learning more about being an urban planner, this video offers quick look at your career options.
  3. Path to Paradise: History of Urban Planning in San Diego: A look at the history behind land use planning in the city of San Diego.
  4. Insights into a Lively Downtown: A look at how urban planning can provide a better downtown, re-energizing downtown areas. This looks at Ann Arbor, Michigan.
  5. City of Dreams – Brazil: This video looks at some of the basic principles of urban planning in Curitiba, Brazil.
  6. David Harvey Lecture at Cornell (Part 1 of 10): A look at an urban planning lecture related to capitalism and urban planning. There are nine other parts, also worth watching so that you can get the whole lecture.
  7. Building Resilient Communities: Fresh Challenges for Earthquake Professionals: A look at the challenges involved in urban planning to help communities withstand earthquakes.
  8. How to House 8 Billion People: A look at how to design urban areas for large amounts of people, and how to create new urban spots on land that is not suitable for agriculture.
  9. Andres Duany Lecture: Learn more about urban planning and possibilities. There are nine parts to this lecture.
  10. New Urbanism vs. Suburbanism: A look at how urban spaces can be revitalized with proper planning. Contracts urban areas and suburbs.
  11. Understanding Urban Environments Through the Use of Through Urban Legibility: Considers what it takes to understand urban environments, and improve planning.
  12. 1909 Plan of Chicago: An interesting look at the 1909 urban plan of Chicago, and how it can be related to urban planning today.
  13. It Takes a City: The Founding of Rome and the Beginnings of Urbanism in Italy: An interesting look at Rome — one of the ancient examples of urbanism.


Learn more about architecture, and how the design of buildings can contribute to the overall feel of an urban environment.

  1. Future Buildings: A cool look at some rather interesting, futuristic buildings. Architectural design at some of its coolest.
  2. Heritage Heroes – Urban Conservation: A look at how urban architecture can be saved through urban planning that incorporates the past.
  3. Architecture & Urban Design: New Cairo Financial Center: An interesting graduation project that shows an urban design project for a financial center in Cairo.
  4. Sustainable Architecture: Some of the concepts of sustainable architecture.
  5. Transformations in Architectural Design: Get a look at different architectural designs that have affected city planning over the years.
  6. Modern Architecture: An overview of modern buildings. You can see how they fit into some cityscapes.
  7. World Architecture: Interesting architectural signatures from ancient and modern cultures from around the world.
  8. Amazing Buildings and Landmarks: Interesting landmarks, including buildings, from around the world. See how some of them look in an urban environment.
  9. Greek Architecture and Urban Design: 3000 Years of Creating: An interesting look at urban design dating from early Greek architecture.
  10. Explosion of Modern Architecture, Toronto – Ontario, Canada: A look at Toronto’s new architecture and urban design.
  11. Modern European architecture: Consider the new architecture in Europe.
  12. Restoring Modernism: A look at restoring modernism in city design and architecture.


Get an idea of how transportation systems are developed, and how they fit into urban planning. How we move people around is an important part of our city plans.

  1. My world on the way to zero by SU11: A look at creating a charging station that can be used to help move to a point where urban planning is zero emission. Mostly about the transportation aspect.
  2. Modern Traffic Theory, Behavior, Imagination: A look at traffic theory. This panel looks at different theories of traffic and how it moves through the urban environment.
  3. 2008 State of the City Transportation Webisode: A look at what San Francisco is doing in terms of transportation design.
  4. Transportation Revolutions: transportation evaluating and managing computer program design: Using computers to evaluate and design transportation in an urban environment.
  5. Green Cities NEED Sustainable Mobility: A look at how cities can plan for sustainable transportation.
  6. Sustainable Transport Systems: A look at designing transport systems, especially freight transport.
  7. AirTram Concept: A look at the idea of incorporating an air tram in city public transit.
  8. Transportation: A New Future for the United States: Considers the current state of transportation in the U.S., and how it could be improved.
  9. Beginning, Middle, and Future: A Look at Transportation: Considers our transportation in cities.
  10. Street Design: Streetscape of Westport Road in Kansas City: Uses a road in Kansas City to show the basics of street design.
  11. 2009 Amsterdam Netherlands Smartest street design bicycles: A look at transportation design in Amsterdam.


One of the biggest issues is how we can plan urban environments that are more sustainable. These videos addresses the challenges and possibilities of greener urban planning.

  1. Otawara City Press Tour (Sustainable City Planning): See how one city in Japan is trying to incorporate principles of sustainably urban planning.
  2. Green Cities: Urban Planning and Climate Change: A look at a House committee on global warming and energy independence as they relate to greener communities.
  3. The Perfect Sustainable City with Eric Corey Freed: A look at designing sustainable cities, and looking at flaws in current urban planning.
  4. No Room to Move: A brief look at urban sprawl and how that affects sustainability.
  5. The End of Suburbia: Consumption and how it works with unsustainable living in suburbs.
  6. Urban Planner Jennifer Ruley on Green Jobs: A look at urban planning and the ability to provide green jobs within the urban environment.
  7. Green Building and Investment Strategies: Incorporating green building into urban planning.
  8. Green Building: Jobs of the Future: Looking for careers in green building as part of urban planning efforts.
  9. Built to Last: A video about urban sprawl, and how it could be alleviated, contributing to more sustainable urban spaces.
  10. Sustainable Urbanism: Urban Design with Nature: A look at how nature can be incorporated into urban planning and design.
  11. Super Sustainable City: A look at how a city in Germany could become a sustainable city with the right urban planning.
  12. Mitchell Joachim of Terreform, on sustainable architecture: A look at some of the principles behind sustainable architecture and building design.
  13. Green Infrastructure Planning: A look at how you can use urban planning for more sustainable infrastructure. Don’t forget to check out the other parts of this presentation.
  14. Smart Green Infrastructure: How to Grow Sustainable Cities: Consider ways to incorporate community forestry and green infrastructure.

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