When it comes to public administration on the local level, it is important to showcase the advantages of living in your city. Indeed, the more people you can attract to your city, the more of a tax base you will have — resulting in more funds to use on civic improvements. These improvements then attract even more people who want to live in your city.

One of the best ways to gain recognition is to be name one of the best places to live by one ranking or another. These types of lists get good publicity, and can provide a way for you to get the word out about your city. Here are some of the most interesting “best places to live” rankings for 2011: (more…)

If you have the urge to lead and plan public issues such as management, transportation, security and safety and economic development, then an unelected position as a public administrator might be right for you. But, to work as a policy analyst, budget analyst, HR manager, executive director or other public administrator, you might seek a degree in this field. The following top 10 most influential public administration professors offer clues as to how public administration works, especially if you learn more about their previous work experiences and/or their current publications and books. (more…)

If you live in a small town, then you may know your mayor personally. While we don’t know the following mayors personally (most of whom are elected, not public administrators), we chose these individuals as the top 20 small town mayors because they seem to be shaking up their towns in a good way with more jobs, better infrastructure and/or a positive interactive government. (more…)