Some of the most interesting jobs are related to public administration. You can influence the course of the country, and be a force for good. However, it helps to be informed and to know what is happening in the world of public policy. The Internet makes this relatively easy to accomplish, since it is possible to find and follow a wide variety of people with good insights. Here are 50 great Twitter accounts for public administrators:


Because infographics are becoming a popular way to break down complex concepts and illustrate certain public policies, public administration officials increasingly recognize their importance. Indeed, the First Lady, Michelle Obama, offered a national project to create an infographic on the childhood obesity epidemic.

If you are looking for information about different issues facing the nation, an infographic can be just the thing. However, those working in public administration should realize that infographics can have biases and questionable reliability — so double check your sources! If you are interested in some great infographics, though, here are 17 great examples of public administration images: (more…)