Masters Degree Vs. PhD In Public Administration: Which Is Right For You?

As long as you are going to pursue more education in public administration then you might as well go all the way and get your PhD. Or should you just go for your masters so that you can complete your schooling sooner and be able to focus exclusively on your real job again? This is the question many public administration students face. Should you get your masters or your PhD?

Do You Have The Time?

Masters and PhD degrees both require time commitments but PhD degrees require a lot more time. How much time do you want to put into earning your advanced degree? Masters degrees tend to take about 2 years to complete while a PhD degree can take anywhere from 5 to 9 years to complete. Ask yourself how much time you really want to put into pursuing more education. An honest answer to this question often tells you which route is the right one for you.

Do You Have The Money?

Because you are going to be in school so much longer pursuing your PhD degree you will also be paying for classes that whole time too. You need to figure out how you will pay for either degree. A masters degree may not be cheap but it is certainly cheaper than a PhD.

Scholarships, grants, and loans will probably all come into the picture at some point for most students so you need to find an arrangement that you are comfortable with. You will be making more money after you graduate so that will help and you will make more with a PhD than with a masters. Still, not everyone wants to struggle to pay school bills for that long or to deal with mountains of debt when they graduate. You can probably find a way to manage either degree but which one is worth it for you?

Are You Committed To This?

If you are planning to pursue an advanced degree then you are probably committed to your schooling. But how committed are you? Are you committed enough to go to school for 2 more years? Or for 5 to 9 more years?

If you love school then you might love the longer time spent there. If you just want a raise then a masters degree may be more your style. Just decide how committed you are to your education and how long you want to be committed for.

Top Online Masters in Public Administration Programs

University of Southern California Masters of Public Administration University of Southern California › University of Southern California, a respected and accredited college, provides online programs for students who prefer interaction with a community of peers or that have busy schedules. The Masters in Public Administration can be completed at a pace that is comfortable to you and assignments can be turned in at anytime on or before deadlines expire.
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Anna Maria College Master of Public Administration Anna Maria College › Anna Maria College's MPA program not only provide a background in administrative theory and practice, it also has students study specific cases that have affected past and present public policy decisions. Courses combine broad understandings of public administration with advanced level study in planning, organization, management and analysis in the public sector.
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Northcentral University MBA in Public Administration DBA in Public Administration Northcentral University › Northcentral University's 100% online classes make getting an MBA in Public Administration easy to work around any professional's schedule. Specialized MBAs such as this one allow the student to choose six specific courses in addition to the regular course load. The 12-week semesters start each month, allowing students to progress much faster than in other colleges.
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Seton Hall University Master of Public Administration Seton Hall University › Seton Hall University's Master of Public Administration is designed to provide students the foundation and fundamentals of public administration. Students have three concentration choices, and explore courses that provide a real-world blend of theory and application. Online degree programs can be customized to your professional needs and interests.
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George Washington University Master in Political Management George Washington University › George Washington University is one of the nation’s largest providers of online education and offers several online degrees at every level. Students looking to quickly advance their career goals in Public Administration will be interested in the highly-rated Master in Political Management degree. This degree is also great because at can cut many of the costs associated with campus programs.
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Purdue University Global Master of Public Administration Purdue University Global › Purdue's Master in Public Administration is designed to help working administrators improve their leadership skills in public service. Courses teach students how to evaluate, implement and manage policy, as well as ethics, budgeting, and administering public funds with strategic planning.
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California State University, Northridge Master of Public Administration MPA - Public Sector Mgmt MPA - Nonprofit Management MPA - Health Administration California State University, Northridge › Cal State Northridge's numerous MPA programs place the student in a global network of experienced faculty and professional peers while strengthening theoretical and practical knowledge of public administration practices. Students also gain insights from professionals in related fields like public safety and health care.
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Ashford University Master of Public Administration MBA in Public Administration MA/OM - Public Administration Ashford University › Ashford University offers many routes to getting a masters degree in Public Administration: Students can get a Master of Public Administration, an MBA in Public Administration, an MA in Organizational Management with a focus on Public Administration, or an MA in Education & Public Policy. Ashford U is accredited by WASC Senior College and University Commission, 985 Atlantic Ave, Ste 100, Alameda, California 94501, (510) 748-9001,
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Grand Canyon University MPA in Govt & Policy MPA in Healthcare Policy Grand Canyon University › Grand Canyon University's Master of Public Administration degrees prepare students for careers in the public sector. With specializations available in health care management and government & policy, the Master of Public Administration programs are structured to educate students on the foundational and specific skills required for successful careers in the public eye.
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Norwich University Master of Public Admin MPA in Leadership MPA in Fiscal Mgmt Norwich University › Norwich University offers campus and online classes; students can choose either, or a combination of both. Their Masters in Public Administration teaches the fundamentals of public administration with a focus on career-oriented real-world application that can be put to use immediately by those already working in the public sector. There are also programs for specific fields of focus like Leadership or Organizational Fiscal Management
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