Do you like politics? If so, and you live in the United States, there is no end to the political cycle. Indeed, it seems as though the next campaign starts as soon as the current campaign has been won (or lost). If you are a student of public administration and politics, technology offers a number of exciting opportunities to keep up with the latest headlines and happenings.

Indeed, you do not even need to be involved in public policy decisions to keep up with politics. If you are concerned citizen, or an activist, it is possible to take the latest information with you wherever you go. Thanks to mobile devices like the iPad, you can access the latest political news from anywhere. Here are 20 iPad apps that any political junkie can appreciate:

Political Philosophy and Information

Can’t keep it all straight? These handy apps provide you with information on political philosophy, and different political systems.

  1. Political Concepts: This handy app allows you to use a collection of books to learn about different political concepts. Learn about different schools of though related to politics, as well as the origins of different political theories. A must-have for the interested political junkie. Cost: Free
  2. Political Science Glossary: If you are interested in meaningful and helpful definitions of different political concepts, this app is a great option. Includes descriptions of different political behaviors and systems. Cost: $0.99
  3. Healthcare Reform Bill: Interested in the health care reform bill? If you are a political junkie, you probably are. This iPad app offers a helpful guide through the different aspects of the bill, and can help you figure out how the health care reform bill will affect you. A great resource for someone who wants to be truly informed. Cost: Free
  4. PocketJustice: If you are interested in the U.S. Supreme Court, this is the iPad app for you. You can learn about different rulings, as well as get great information on justices. Easy to digest synopses of the rulings of the highest court in the U.S. Cost: Free or $4.99 for the full version.
  5. Political Fury: Want to show that your political party is smarter than the others? Join this global competition to add your knowledge to the pot. Do your political ideals proud, and show what you know. An addictive game aimed at political junkies. Cost: Free
  6. Cato Institute: Those interested in libertarian ideas can get this iPad app. The Cato Institute is all about limited government and individual liberty, and is well known for its free market philosophy. Keep up with policy positions, news and more related to libertarianism. Cost: Free
  7. European Politics News: Why stop at U.S. politics when you can get a more global view with this iPad app aimed at European political news. A great way to get the latest news and commentary on what is happening in Europe — and to see what Europeans think about how politics are going in the U.S. Cost: Free
  8. MyPolitics UK: Keep up with British politics and the latest news with this iPad apps. Includes a mobile dashboard that can help you stay on top of things. Help turn your iPad into a global political news source. Cost: Free
  9. China Daily Digest: If you are interested in China, you can get the latest news out of China, including political news. Find out more about government policies and programs. Also, get the Chinese government take on global politics. Cost: Free
  10. WPR Mobile: Get political briefings from around the world. Learn about different governments, the latest news, and headlines affecting international relations. A great resource for those who want to stay informed. Cost: Free
  11. Political Systems iGuide: You can download this awesome app to your iPad and learn about all the political systems in the world. You can look at different governments, and compare them to each other. An interesting and enlightening app for hardcore junkies interested in global political systems. Cost: $4.99

Media and Political Parties

Can’t get enough of election time? Ready to go out and do your part? These iPad apps from political parties and media outlets will help you keep up with the latest polls, issues and political party news.

  1. The Democrats: For die-hard Dems, this is the iPad app you need. See photos and videos, get the latest event information. Find discussion points. You can even contact Congressional representatives with the help of this app. Get fired up for election time. Cost: Free
  2. Proud Republican: Are you proud to be conservative? Show your true colors with this iPad app. Offers news related to the GOP and conservativism, and offers helpful insights into elections and more. Cost: $0.99
  3. Organizing for America: This app, put out by the Democrats, is meant to help volunteers organize themselves. Map helps you find events and meet up with other like-minded liberals. Cost: Free
  4. America’s Election HQ: Fox News brings you the latest election news with this iPad app. Includes regulated updated election information for races around the country. Includes data and analysis, and information about what is happening. Keeps you fully in the loop about what is happening all the way to election day and beyond. Cost: $0.99
  5. iGOP: Get the latest news and information related to the GOP with a little help from this app. Includes video, history, and tidbits. Find information that can help you solidify your stance on issues, and articulate your beliefs. A great resource for Republicans. Cost: $0.99
  6. CNN Elections Center: Looking for news and information about the elections? You can follow races around the country, and get the information you need to make an informed decision. This iPad app is meant to help you keep up with the headlines, and be ready for election day. Cost: Free
  7. The Wall Street Journal: Get political news, commentary and more. Includes the politics of business and economics. Find the latest headlines from this respected name in journalism. Cost: Free
  8. NYTimes for iPad: The venerable news source offers an iPad app that can keep you up to date on the latest headlines. Includes political headlines and commentary. Cost: Free
  9. campaignTracker 2010: This is a great iPad app that keeps you in the loop with everything that is happening. Cost: $4.99

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